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Niaomi stunning Madras Interior designer Cream Lace Curtaining 66" x 80" long remnant

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*** Niaomi ~

lovely remant
66" wide x 80" long

Madras, a woven lace, is named after the city in India where the Victorians set up lace making factories in the mid 19th century. the weaving process for Madras lace is slow, taking a full day to produce twelve yards. The fabric is woven onto a net that is so sheer it resembles silk. This is the very finest lace made today. The result is a truly magnificent fabric with a rich overlay of pattern.
Although all the Madras fabrics are as sheer as silk, the solid weave of the lace offers considerable privacy.
An elegant and normally very costly fabric, Madras is currently on display in the White House in a number of room settings

Madras lace is the finest woven lace made today. The manufacturing process is slow - taking a full day to produce 12 yards


A TOP QUALITY MADRAS LACE PANELLING sold off the roll to finish

lace panelling 66”wide panelling to finish,from Victorian lace mill

TOP QUALITY DESIGN COTTON Madras Lace curtaining

This Period design Lace curtaining has finished sides and is unfinished top and bottom.
Very easy to use and very decorative.

Perfect for that period or contemporary CLASSIC look

The piece up for auction is actually one UNfinished panel.
Measures : 66" wide - 155 cms Approx

Ivory Cream in colour with original subtle ........POINT D,ESPRIT decorating this lace curtaining.
NORMAL RETAIL PRICE £50+ per metre

We can have this hemmed to the bottom and rod pocket finished to the top...seamstress service £8 per panel...

Product Specification

Period / Style Modern (1980s onwards)
Dimensions Approximate 68" wide 170 cms
Item Location This item is available to buy online only.
Colour Cream
Material Madras Cotton Lace
Item Code parlnaoimi80crem

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We have 1 of these items in stock

In stock


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If you have any questions relating to the lace fabrics you can contact the Centre.

More About Scottish Lace Scottish lace is manufactured on traditional Nottingham lace looms. The fineness of the weave is determined by the number of threads per inch (points) and ranges from 8 point to 14 point. The higher the point the more threads per inch and the finer the weave. The number indicates the tightness of weave - 14-point lace has 14 stitches per inch. The cotton for each design is hand strung on the same giant looms that have been producing this wonderful product since the 1870's. It is the finest Nottingham lace manufactured today. Each pattern takes months of preparation. Many of the designs have original card patterns which date from the mid 1800's. Scottish lace comes directly to you from Scotland's own 'Lace Valley' where this lace has been traditionally woven on Nottingham looms since the 1870's. This "old-country" weaving method involves intricate steps which not only authenticates the lace, but give its look and feel a certain quality not found in knitted laces available today. From the beginning of the industry until the end of the 20th century, at least 99% of the lace and net made in Britain passed through Nottingham. It was only natural that lace made on machines in Britain came to be called "Nottingham Lace." Palatial Lace was established in 1979, they have amassed a large wealth of knowledge of the patterns and designs manufactured by the Victorian mills. All lace is supplied directly to you by Palatial Lace Interiors.

Please note - the lace is for sale online only and is not available to view or pick up from the Centre.

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